Managed Services Agreement Template

Get a real-world agreement example, learn the specific points that matter, and how to pull it all together!

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The Art of the Agreement

How to Structure Your Contract

The cornerstone of the managed services model is an agreement between the MSP and client which summarizes the responsibilities of both parties, and outlines the services provided by the MSP. It’s one of the most important elements in your business operations, and if you don’t get the agreement right then your business will never reach full growth potential, no matter how good your service team is. 

We know first-hand just how important the right service agreements are. In 5 years, we grew our Miami-based managed services business from $800K to $8.8MM in ARR (more than 10x growth), and part of that success was due to the agreements we used, which had a direct impact on our growth. 

Whether you’re planning your first managed services agreement, or you’re ready to overhaul your existing version, are you sure you’ve covered all the bases?

What’s in this offer

  •    Why you should use a fixed-fee agreement
          How to be covered in case of exponential client growth
  •   The importance of a multi-year contract requirement
  •       Covering automatic renewals after the initial agreement period
  •   How to include an annual increase in all agreements

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