Client Reporting Best Practices

Client Reporting: A Pillar of Customer Success

Trust is a key ingredient for long term success in a business partnership. So how do you build trust with your clients? By being transparent with them and sharing everything that has happened (the good and the bad).

We often hear from our partners that utilizing client reports helps to set the stage for better communication and more transparency - and as a result, helps to build a solid foundation of trust. So we recently asked our Customer Success Manager, Randall Berg, to join us for a closer look at making the most out of client reports. 

The webinar specifically covers the 4 W's of Client Reporting and How to pull it all together :

  • Who reports should be sent to
  • What type of info should be sent
  • When to send the info they want
  • Why you should implement quickly
  • How to create a Client Report

Watch the webinar now

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