Tips on Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Learn the tips and tricks to use when Identifying Your Ideal Customer, featuring MSP Consultant Richard Tubb and BrightGauge co-Founder Eric Dosal.

Are you choosing the right customers for your business? Finding the right customers begins during the sales process, but first you must understand the different types of customers. So we invited Richard Tubb - one of the most well-known consultants in the British Managed Service Provider community - to join our co-Founder, Eric Dosal, for this exciting 45-minute webinar to provide a closer look at how to Identify Your Ideal Customer.

 As the former owner of an MSP business, Richard understands the challenges IT business owners face every day and can help you to overcome them while retaining what's left of your precious sanity. 

The discussion covered topics such as:

  • Understanding the different types of customers
  • How to spot a bad customer in the sales process
  • Finding a customer's budget
  • and so much more!


Watch the webinar now

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