Lessons Learned from Building our MSP Sales Team

See first-hand how to increase your closure rates and unlock growth at your MSP by implementing a sales process, using key sales metrics and simplifying your contracts!

Having a solid sales process is incredibly important for any business, but it doesn't have to be hard. Take advantage of our personal experience and learn the best practices we used to grow our MSP 10X in 5 years.

In this 35-minute tutorial our Co-Founder and CEO, Eric Dosal, is joined by our Director of Sales, Larry Garcia, to discuss actionable items that can be immediately put into practice:

  • Implementing a sales process that works:
  • How we increased our closure rates by 40%+ with our process
  • Leveraging the "Rainmaker Approach" to sales
  • The key sales metrics you should be following
  • Locking in customers to 3-year contracts with annual increases
  • Review of our simplified contracts

Watch the webinar now

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