Building Transparency Into Your Business

From an across-the-board look at the everyday workings in each company department to an open view of company revenue, the concept of transparency in the workplace is more popular than ever.

So what does it mean to be transparent with your employees and clients? Why is transparency so crucial for growing your business? Join IT Glue’s Dave Goldie and BrightGauge’s Larry Garcia for an insightful webinar as they examine these critical questions alongside how you can promote greater transparency within your organization. When transparency characterizes your organization, it allows you to motivate, align, and provide value to your team members and customers.

Discussed during this webinar:

 - What transparency is and what its benefits are
 - Examples of transparency in the workplace
 - Unintended consequences of transparency and how to overcome them
 - How IT Glue and BrightGauge can assist you in creating a more transparent organization

About the speakers:

Larry Garcia Larry is the Chief Revenue Officer at BrightGauge. He manages both the sales team and the customer success team, working to onboard and align customer needs with BrightGauge’s solution. He brings over 9 years of sales experience in software and finance, as well as 3 years of experience being a public school teacher in Miami.

Dave Goldie Some of us were born to sell, Dave Goldie has been mastering the craft of sales since he was selling Sears catalog subscriptions at the age of 11. Now, as VP of Channel at IT Glue, Dave Goldie intimately understands the pain points MSPs face, and the critical role smart documentation plays in overcoming some of these pain points. 

Watch the webinar now

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